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Anatomy of the
Skull - Slide 60

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Skull from beneath (same landmarks to be identified as in slide number 10.)

Incisive foramen
Median palatine suture
Palatine process of maxilla
Zygomatic process of maxilla
Lesser palatine foramen
Greater palatine foramen
Zygomatic arch
Greater wing of sphenoid
Horizontal part of palatine bone
Posterior nasal spine (PNS)
Lateral pterygoid plate
Vomer bone
Foramen ovale
Mandibular fossa
External auditory meatus
Styloid process of temporal bone
Stylomastoid foramen
Jugular fossa
Foramen lacerum
Basilar part of sphenoid bone
Condylar fossa
Occipital condyle
Foramen magnum
Inferior nuchal line
Carotid canal
Spine of sphenoid
Foramen spinosum

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